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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ok, now you have a world class corporate website developed and launched - Congratulations! You have already taken your first step into the corporate online marketing world. Yes, you are right something is still missing; does the rest of the world know that you have a presence on the internet?

Today, the first and foremost method by which people gather information is through Search Engines, such as Google or MSN. More often than not, winners are those websites which appear in the first few results when a user hits a search. So the next big step for you would be to make sure your site gets into those ‘first few’ sites when a potential client launches a hit for the type of product/service that you offer. That’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes in handy.

Keeping the ‘techy’ things behind, SEO is a process which makes your website search engine friendly. By ‘search engine friendly’ it means that the websites complies with certain standards that would make it easy to pick for the top most results for a search in the category it belongs to. A simple fact that’s been revealed from researches is that if a website doesn’t get ranked in the top 20 in the category of keywords it make a high Return On Investment (ROI). Therefore it’s a regular practice to implement SEO on a new website, as well as during the maintenance of an existing website. Time to time, people might want to update their website according to latest trends in the World Wide Web.

During SEO, a website is optimized by enhancing the features which are internal or external to the website, so that traffic to the website from search engines will be increased. This involves understanding and evaluating several unique elements in the website – which are the internal features and external elements such as the target market, nature of products/services it offers etc… of course, SEO is not a simple or an overnight task. The task itself as well as results will take time to smoothly take place.

Why should you choose Techdigital247 to do your SEO?

SEO involves some level of computer programming, hence it’s not a layman’s playground. Whereas at Techdigital247, we employee very skilled people with lot of expertise in the area of SEO, who would provide consultancy and SEO implementation for your corporate website.

  • The popular search engines frequently enhance their search engine strategies to give better results. Out technical experts regularly evaluate these developments in search engines, and adopt the necessary techniques to cater the new strategies.
  • As mentioned above, SEO can be very time consuming. But our experts are well aware of the processes and systems for optimizing SEO, that you can expect a better service in less time, for reasonable cost.
  • Techdigital247 SEO experts have mastered in link building. They can easily identify the content that are likely to receive links from the relevant category of web community, and update your site accordingly so.
  • With our vast knowledge and experience we can quickly identify and fix SEO issues prevailing in your existing website. Issues such as lack of indexing, lower ranking and search engine penalties will be quickly and quite accurately be dealt with, with a guaranteed result of boosting your website’s Search Engine ranking.

Hence, if you are looking for SEO consultancy, please do not hesitate to call us or drop us an email with some details, we would be glad to help you out.

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