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Search Engine Marketing/Pay Per Click

SEM is a form on internet marketing which aims to promote your business or product by increasing the visibility of the website in search engine results pages. It is achieved in two distinct ways:

  • Through SEO – by improving the website to enable it to rank high for search engine queries
  • Buying traffic through paid search listing, such as Pay per Click (PPC) approach
More often, Search Engine Marketing is a combination of SEO and PPC to give the customers maximum benefits of SEM.

There are paid advertisement campaigns on popular search engines such as Yahoo, Google and MSN which aim to grab user attention to sites which are otherwise not frequently accessed. If you have a website, you can display an advertisement of that website on the search engine page, with a quick link to reach the website. These advertisements are published either on the search results area itself or in a separate advertising area. This process is known as ‘paid search’ or ‘pay-per-click’.

PPC marketing campaigns are at its best today, that many internet marketing companies target their business strategies on PPC. It’s very flexible and ensures high visibility within a matter of hours. However, a good PPC marketing campaign does not come easily. It needs the design of a good strategy, well planned campaign flow, close monitoring and evaluation and regular optimization.

Search Engine Marketing @ Techdigital247

Techdigital247 provides strategic planning, designing and implementation of a successful PPC campaigns, tailor made to suite your business, target market and demography. We do not sell off-the-shelf PPC packages, as we believe that there can’t a single PPC strategy that fits for all. Hence we carefully design a unique PPC package after carefully reviewing your marketing and business requirements. Here at Techdigital247, we have a team of professionals who possess enough expertise on handling successful PPC campaigns, who are expertise in search marketing, internet marketing, copywriting and content writing. They will ensure the launching of a PPC campaign that guarantees excellent ROI. As a value added service, we offer to monitor and evaluate your PPC campaign daily and provide necessary suggestions and solutions, had it requires any enhancements. Furthermore, if you have an existing PPC campaign that does not do the expected, come to us, we can make it right for you.

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